« Furniture is a witness to our sensitivity »

Atelier Grisot conceives and fabricates bespoke pieces to the highest levels of craftsmenship.
Each pieces is created to last a lifetime, to be dismantled and restored, we are creating heirlooms.

We work with materials of the finest quality, solid wood, veneers and also exceptional materials such as shagreen, mother of pearl, parchment, brass, gold, marble and straw marquetry.
We are constantly evolving new forms, textures and materials to assure that that each project is unique.


Florent Grisot offers a line of furniture constructed on the foundation of French craftsmanship of the highest quality.

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With Atelier Grisot we create and conceive elements of decoration and furniture as a whole so that each is elevated in turn.

Florent Grisot is an artisan and passionate designer of the decorative arts, he imagines and designs because for him « furniture is a work of art, a witness to our sensitivity, a heritage
He is always questioning and pushing the boundaries of technique, to go further, to give birth to a line of exceptional furniture.

At the core of Atelier Grisot, the convergence of craftsmanship and innovation is a journey towards la creation of unique projects.

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